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Locking pliers, Mole Grips, Vise-Grips: the professional in versatility in your toolbox.

Their clamping mechanism is what makes them unique: the locking pliers. Despite individual differences, locking pliers securely hold what needs to be clamped. They can be used with an intricate lever mechanism as a "third hand" to secure and stabilize workpieces in the desired position. The pliers as just as easy to release as they are to lock: simply pull on the release lever and the pliers will release the workpiece.

Prefer nickel-free?



How about an environmentally friendly powder coating!


One-handed opening with a quick-release lever in various designs:


the pliers can even be opened under high tension by pulling on the release lever – of course with clamping protection.


Bollmann Locking Pliers: always the right solution.

With Bollmann, there are no "single" locking pliers. We manufacture different designs and versions for all applications. Because our objective is to secure the most diverse objects such as sheet metals, pipes, automotive parts, workpieces to weld, and much more.

Special locking pliers

0120 - Combi|Grip

Two pliers in one: The symbiosis of combination pliers and locking pliers for tightening, gripping and cutting (with force assistance through a toggle lever mechanism).


0290 - Angle|Grip

Jaws angled 70 degrees, thereby optimal for use in tight, angled spaces.


Standard locking pliers

0100 - Universal|GRIP

* with wire cutters

* Application: Round and flat material

* Sizes: 5"/7"/10"/12"


0110 - Prisma|GRIP

* Three-point bearing, wire groove in the upper jaw

* Application: Round and flat material

* Sizes: 7"/10"/12"


0150 - Parallel-Plus|GRIP

* pivoting jaw, fine serrated

* Application: Parallel and prismatic tightening

* Size: 10"


0160 - Parallel|GRIP

* forcibly guided parallel clamping

* Application: Flat and profiled material

* Size: 10"


0200 - Straight|GRIP

* straight jaws

* Application: Flat material

* Size: 10"


0250 - Ideal|GRIP

* combined jaw shape, four-point bearing

* Application: Flat, round, profile and angular material

* Sizes: 7"/10"


0360 - Long Nose|GRIP

* narrow, tapered jaws

* Application: Tight spaces

* Sizes: 6"/9"


0370 - Wide Jaw|GRIP (Plumber|GRIP)

* 80 mm width, tempered metal jaws

* Application: For bending sheet metal

* Size: 7"


Chain locking pliers

0280 - Chain|GRIP

* Application: Loosening and turning of large and asymmetric workpieces

* Replacement or extension chain available

* Size: 12"


0281 - Cutting Chain|GRIP

* Application: Cutting of pipes (exhaust gas, heating, etc.)

* Size: 10"


Welding locking pliers

0300 - Welder|GRIP

* with steel or malleable cast iron jaws

* Application: Welding from edge to edge

* Size: 11"


0320 - Pipe welder|GRIP

* with steel or malleable cast iron jaws

* Application: Welding of pipe and round materials

* Size: 11"


Clamp locking pliers

0340 - Clamp|GRIP

* Application: Tightening of bulky workpieces

* Sizes: 7"/11"/18"/24"


0351 - Parallel Clamp|GRIP

* with movable jaws

* Application: Flat tightening of bulky and asymmetric workpieces

* Sizes: 11"/18"/24"


0340s - Shoemaker|GRIP

* Application: Affixing of shoe heels

* Size: 15"


Tips and tricks

  • Open by pulling on the release lever
  • Occasionally oil the jaws of powder coated locking pliers (for rust protection)
  • Replacement spring available

Bollmann quality means:

  • Made in Germany.
  • Manufacturing according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
  • Chrome vanadium steel with the highest carbon content, forged at 1,200°C and hardened to 47–49 Rockwell to be tear-resistant.
  • Jaw and plier body undetachably welded together via the original Bollmann method.
  • Single-handed operation through a quick-release lever with clamping protection even under high tension.
  • A knurled screw with a fine thread, mounted without clearance, that is wear-resistant and has an extra-hard surface.
  • A plier body made of high-strength fine-grained steel that remains stable even under maximum loads.
  • Extremely high clamping force through a toggle lever transmission. A fully tempered toggle lever.
  • Quality assurance through 100% testing.
  • Major cooperation with regional suppliers and service providers.
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty.