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Helpers in the automotive sector: The Bollmann Valve Spring Tensioning Device, or Valve Spring Compressor, Piston Ring Pliers and Piston Ring Tensioning Strap, and Strap and Filter Wrenches.

Clamp valves, replace piston rings, and release belt pulleys and oil filters. These jobs involve force: the strength of Bollmann automotive tools. The transfer of force and work in the engine compartment are made easier in all applications. Especially when the parts to be loosened are securely in place. Typical of Bollmann.


Valve Spring Tensioning Devices

B0500 - Valve Spring Tensioning Device 
for pretensioning of valve springs. Various models available for light and heavy engines.



Piston Ring Pliers

B0600 - Piston Ring Pliers 
simplify the installation and removal of piston rings without damaging the pistons. The piston rings are securely fitted and cannot fly off.



Piston Ring Scuff Bands

B0700 - Piston Ring Scuff Band 
for safe pretensioning of piston rings during installation of pistons in cylinders. The recoil-proof brake, via which the clamping range is also adjusted, allows for precise insertion of the piston.



Strap Wrench

B0740 - Strap Wrench 
for fitting and releasing belt pulleys and oil filters. Various models and diameters available.



Filter Wrench

B0760 - Filter Wrench 
* Diameter adjustment via a perforated or toothed strap 
* Plastic-coated handle