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Special tools for special requirements: As a manufacturer, Bollmann produces a wide variety of pliers and tool types.

We will also address your tool requests with our manufacturer know-how. With our manufacturing expertise, we are in the position to develop a special solution for you, too. Special requests are not only part of our daily business but are also an integral part of our business process.

Crimpers or crimping pliers with a lever for one-handed operation. For three different sleeve sizes. Lockable release lever for long-lasting fixation.


Customizing for brands.

Bollmann is flexible, even when it comes to special requirements of our customers. We are the right partner for Customized Production and Engineering from quantities starting at 50 pieces to bulk production.


Our strengths:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM): Workpieces up to 950 x 675 x 265 mm
  • Stamping and forming with hydraulic and eccentric presses up to 130 t
  • Broaching, milling, riveting and assembly work of all kinds
  • Individual fixture construction: CNC milling, 2D travel paths
  • Gas metal arc welding (MIG/MAG)