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From roots to visions: the Bollmann Group

Tools and engineering that will impress

Since 1931, we have been developing the best tool solutions for people who work better, easier and more effectively with our tools – in a wide variety of applications.

Our know-how and the manufacturing possibilities have made us into a specialist in forming technology. The treatment and processing of high-strength sheet steel is our profession as a manufacturer:

  • Work processes: Bending, drilling, turning, and eroding (wire cut EDM) of workpieces up to 950 x 675 x 265 mm, developing, milling, installing, riveting, broaching, leveling, gas metal arc welding (MIG/MAG), stamping, irradiating, tampon printing, forming, drawing...
  • Assembly and riveting systems
  • Hydraulic/eccentric presses up to 130 t
  • CNC-controlled machinery
  • In-house tool manufacturing
  • Quality assurance in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2008

Bollmann: the family roots

The engineer and inventorr Otto Bollmann founded the parent company in 1931 and developed the first German locking pliers made of sheet steel after returning home from the Second World War. To this day, these locking pliers offer a legendary advantage over foreign-produced pliers: a unique welded joint between the plier jaw and body. Otto built up the business together with his wife Gertrud.

Son-in-law Rudi developed the export business with his wife Doris Buchmüller (née Bollmann), thereby making Bollmann into an international player. The distinctive red/blue packaging is the visual mark of quality internationally.

To this day, the worldwide brand for locking pliers remains an independent business in the Bollmann Group.

Selzer, the expansion

The second independent brand came along in 1994. The revolving punch plier manufacturer Max Selzer OHG, founded in 1829 and in the hands of the Selzer family for four generations, was bought. Three generations of Selzers were involved in the manufacture of door deadbolts before Max and Rudolf Selzer shifted the production to revolving punch and eyelet pliers. The world-renowned punch pliers fit perfectly with the know-how and technology of sheet metal working. Production was relocated to the Bollmann headquarters, streamlined, and new products were patented under the Selzer brand "Punch it!" to conquer the market.

Two brands, one business group

Both brands remain independent companies to this day. Sandra Neuhaus, granddaughter of the founder of Bollmann, and her husband Peter Neuhaus are not only responsible for the management of both companies, but also for the location, development and know-how.

40 highly-motivated employees – 28 at Bollmann and 12 at Selzer – are responsible for the unique quality, with many years of experience in the forming of high-strength special steel plates. These employees also manufacture the products that will bear our characteristic signature through automated processes as well as irreplaceable manual work processes.

"To us, it is important that we can be proud of our products; for having created something good and durable."

Distribution around the world

The best tool manufacturers in Germany and Europe and many domestic and international retailers and wholesalers count among the customers of both companies. Bollmann and Selzer distribute worldwide, including Europe, USA, Central America, Argentina, Australia, the Near and Far East, as well as North and South Africa.

"Nothing is more beautiful than to accompany a product from its conception and to subsequently encounter this product all over the world."

Values of the Bollmann Group

As a family business, values are important to us. Our actions are characterized by a customer focus, individuality, sustainability and innovativeness. This always involves a cooperative partnership and reliability. This also applies for our mostly regional suppliers with whom we have worked with confidence for many years. Like us, they focus on quality, reliability and adherence to environmental and social standards.

Collectively, we have helped to shape the image of an entire metalworking tool industry as a market and innovation leader. We are also the largest German locking plier and revolving locking plier manufacturer with the widest range of products.