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Selzer: Punch it! Punch Pliers and Revolving Punch Pliers of proven quality – for decades.

Perfect perforations: an unbending tool! Selzer meets this demand with punch pliers in a wide variety of designs for leather, card/cardboard, felt, cloth, nylon, mesh, biothane, thin metal sheets, plastic, placards/labels, vignettes, etc.


"It's easy": we are the inventors of the legendary lever-action revolving punch pliers. The punching of thick and solid material becomes child's play: save your strength with our active lever action.

Revolving Punch Pliers

S0350 - Revolving Punch Pliers



"Round" Lever-action Revolving Punch Pliers

S0370 - Lever-action Revolving Punch Pliers 
* 70% less force required 
* Ergonomic plastic handles



"Oval" Lever-action Revolving Punch Pliers

S0375 - Lever-action Revolving Punch Pliers with oval punching bits 
* 3 different oval punching bits available 
* 70% less force required 
* Ergonomic plastic handles



Replacement parts/accessories

Accessories for Punch Pliers



"Forged" Revolving Punch Pliers

S1000 - "Forged" Revolving Punch Pliers 
* Forged design



"Big" Lever-action Punch Pliers 6-15 mm

S0390 - Lever Punch Pliers 
* Punching bits available in sizes from 6 to 15 mm 
* Massive design with lever action



Tips and tricks

  • Always move the punching bit sprocket in the direction of the directional arrow, otherwise the leaf spring may bend and the punching bit will no longer rest optimally against the anvil.
  • Before punching, watch out for the locking into place of the leaf spring, which indicates that the punching bit sits at the optimal angle to the anvil.
  • Pieces of cardboard in the largest punching tool are a sign of our quality assurance and are not indicative of a used condition.
  • Gentle rotational movements during the punching process simplify punching.
  • Place thicker cardboard or leather below thin material to achieve a cleaner result!
  • Lightly oil when stiff.
  • WARNING: Timely replacement of blunt punching bits preserves the pliers and considerably increases the service life!

Selzer quality means:

  • Made in Germany.
  • Manufacturing according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
  • Use of high-strength fine-grained steel for legendary stability and durability.
  • A massive punching tool sprocket made from a cast.
  • Quality assurance through 100% testing.
  • Major cooperation with regional suppliers and service providers.
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty.