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B0281 - Cutting Chain|GRIP: Precise cutting of pipes.

Technical specifications

Type Make Length Clamping range Weight
0281-0280 Pliers 254 mm 40-90 mm 850 g
0281-1280 Chain 340 mm 40-90 mm 195 g


Fixation using locking plier technology, powerful re-tightening using toggle lever technology.


Cuts exhaust pipes, silencers, tubular steel, heating pipes, etc. with diameters of 40 mm up to at least 90 mm.
Optimal cutting results in tight, obscured places such as mounted exhaust pipes.


Infinite and fine readjustment using an ergonomic rotary knob.
Quick and safe transfer of the cutting chain through a single-leaf, forged jaw.


Bollmann quality means:


  • Forged and hardened jaws made of chrome vanadium.
  • Rivets with an extra large diameter for high durability.
  • A single-handed quick-release lever with return spring and clamping protection.
  • A plier body welded on in the threaded section for extremely high force absorption.
  • A carbonitrided knurled screw with a fine thread for precise adjustment of clamping range and pressure.
  • Quality assurance through 100% testing in the final inspection.


Suitable for an outer diameter of 40 to 90 mm and a cutting depth of up to 2.5 mm. Ideal for cutting steel, copper, PVC and aluminum.

Cutting chain

14 Cutting wheel (material: SUJ2). Also available as a replacement chain.

Plier body micro-alloyed high-strength special steel
Jaw single-leaf forged jaw
Grip ergonomic plastic grip for infinite and delicate adjustment