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B0100 - Universal|GRIP with semicircular jaws and wire cutters

Technical specifications

Type Length Clamping range Weight
0100-0105 140 mm 30 mm 170 g
0100-0107 180 mm 35 mm 355 g
0100-0110 250 mm 50 mm 545 g
0100-0112 300 mm 65 mm 900 g
  • Semicircular jaws, especially suitable for round and flat material.
  • Fine serration in the anterior jaw area.
  • Polished wire cutters for cutting and welding wires, but also for separating nails.
  • Available with different surfaces (nickel-plated, powder-coated, zinc-plated).
  • 7" + 10": Custom design with 8-mm bore hole in a movable gripper jaw for ground connection (see figure)

Bollmann quality means:


  • Forged and hardened jaws made of chrome vanadium.
  • Jaws undetachably welded on using the original BOLLMANN method.
  • Rivets with an extra large diameter for high durability.
  • A single-handed quick-release lever with return spring and clamping protection.
  • A plier body welded on in the threaded section for extremely high force absorption.
  • A carbonitrided knurled screw with a fine thread for precise adjustment of clamping range and pressure.
  • Quality assurance through 100% testing in the final inspection.