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S0920 - "XXL" Eyelet Pliers: Holes and eyelets from 14 to 20 mm

WARNING: Optimal results can only be guaranteed when using our eyelets! 

For perfect punching of DIN eyelets with shaft diameters of 14 to 20 mm using strictly parallel guiding of the tool inserts. The tool inserts (not included with the basic pliers) are designed in such a way that the material can be pre-punched (safe perforations up to a material thickness of 2 mm) and the eyelets pressed in with the same tool.

These pliers make you mobile!

The eyelets can be worked on where they are needed: on site. Easily done by hand, without a hammer or machinery.

Many materials, such as tarpaulin, awning fabric, mesh and canvas, can be safely worked on with this portable hand-held tool. The large opening allows the eyelets to be affixed deep into the material (radius: 38 mm, opening: 11 mm)

Special features

Alongside work on eyelets, the pliers can also be used for customer-specific applications where a high pressing force and/or parallel-acting tool guidance are required. The tool-holding fixtures also allow the use of custom-made tools, such as the embossing, folding and punching of sheet metals and much more.

Tool inserts

The tools can be quite easily swapped and reordered. Please note: The desired tool inserts must be ordered separately.


No. Length/Size Version Weight
0920-0500 500 mm XXL Eyelet Pliers without tool inserts 1500 g
0920-5214 14 mm Tool insert, pair 100 g
0920-5216 16 mm Tool insert, pair 110 g
0920-5218 18 mm Tool insert, pair 120 g
0920-5220 20 mm Tool insert, pair 130 g