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0361 - "TWO IN ONE" Punch and Eyelet Pliers

Technical specifications

Type Length Weight Version
0361-3601 225 mm 315 g nickel-plated + plastic handles

The all-round talent!

With these pliers, the appropriate hole for the eyelet size to be worked on can first be created. The required eyelet punch can then be chosen and the eyelets can be inserted and pressed.

The pliers are equipped with three punching bits in sizes 4.0 mm/4.5 mm/5.0 mm as well as with eyelet punches in sizes 'A' = 4.5 mm/'B' = 5.0 mm/'C' = 5.5 mm.

The pliers are furnished with ergonomic plastic handles but can also optionally be delivered without plastic handles.

We also offer the matching eyelets.

Instruction manual