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Family business and manufacturer of locking pliers, punch pliers and eyelet pliers.

For three generations now, we have been doing precisely that at which we excel: manufacturing clever, top-quality tools with absolute reliability. This has been the policy of Bollmann since 1931. We are the Manufacturer. Our customers trust in this: gladly, long-term and in direct cooperation. We are there for you personally at our family-owned business: There’s no business like family business.

Welding, joining, clamping, holding: our locking pliers are multifunctional…

Regardless of leather, truck tarpaulin, cardboard, paper or textiles, punch and eyelet pliers are handy companions in craft trades...

Valve spring tensioning devices, filter wrenches and piston ring tensioning straps: we manufacture a large number of special automotive tools

No sooner said than done! That is our business philosophy: for every customer, with passion.

We accomplish this together. Because our team approach is 100% oriented at personal commitment. We take responsibility for that which we do. In terms of product quality, the provenance from our establishment, adhering to schedules, price fairness and trustworthy dependability.

Industries that rely on our products: the tool manufacturing industry, DIY, automotive industry, welding technology, aviation, medical technology and research, orthopedics, sailing and equestrian sport, leather and shoe supplies, craft and school supplies, falconry, and much more.

Good solutions for practical needs: our team has the know-how.

We develop innovative products: for users and major customers. Since it is the requirements of our markets and users that drives use. As a manufacturer, we produce technically compelling products: naturally in compliance with EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2). Passionately good!

  • Eco? We logically manufacture with 100% green energy!
  • Recycling? Of course!
  • Disposal? Our sales and transport packaging is licensed by Noventiz.

The future is determined by the present: our environment is unique.

To us, responsibility means preserving resources and manufacturing in an environmentally-friendly manner. This also entails offering fair working conditions, because that is the first step in making our staff a team. Passionately good!

  • Social? Naturally; we support integration and inclusion.
  • Active? Sure; the kind folks at LWRS and the Tannenhof Foundation will take on the relevant work procedures.

Demanding practical applications: our tools make everyday work easier.

We create tools that will impress you. Every piece that leaves our factory simplifies your work, undertakes holding and joining work for you, punches holes, places rivets, loosens parts and much more. Passionately good!

  • Fair? We always meet modern social standards!