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B0740 - Strap Wrench


Technical specifications

Type Handle length Clamping range Strap width Weight
0740-0741 230 mm up to 160 mm 25 mm 285 g
0740-0742 230 mm up to 240 mm 25 mm 310 g

Replacement strap

Type For model Strap length Weight
0740-0773 0740-0741 705 mm (630 mm riveted) 70 g
0740-0774 0740-0742 895 mm (820 mm riveted) 90 g
  • For all common oil filters and round screw connections.
  • Also suitable for use in the sanitation sector.
  • Optionally available with a plastic-coated steel handle or with a forged handle.
  • Highest strength, riveted fabric strap.

Instructions for use:

  • Max. tensile strength: 95-130 Nm (such as oil filter tightening torque: 20 Nm).
  • Place the strap snug against the workpiece.
  • Do not crush the strap or place over sharp edges.
  • Do not extend the lever.
  • Avoid jerky pulling movements.
  • Slight color deviations and tolerances for tensile strength are normal and depend on the raw material.